Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Mommy, Don't"

I'd like to share this powerful song written and sung by Barry Bozz, an amazing Catholic artist with a heart for the unborn.  The song is called The Gift (Mommy Don't),and here's how Barry came to write it:

I wrote The Gift (Mommy Don’t) in February of 2012. Often, I had prayed to God to write a pro- life song that might save lives. I saw the main danger in such an undertaking as two fold. One, the subject lends itself to the sentimental and the sappy; and two, to its opposite side, hard and harsh. I’m very sensitive to and concerned for the women who have had an abortion. And I pray for them daily. I’ve read that 1 of 3 women in the USA have, sadly, had an abortion. The child is not the only victim of abortion. Many women undergo terrible remorse and guilt over the death of their child and in order to come to peace and terms with themselves they must accept God’s Mercy, name the child and come to know that the child is praying for them from heaven. The song, however, was not written to comfort the mother, but, rather, to dissuade a woman to change her mind and heart. So, how to do that without sounding condemnatory nor sappy was the challenge I gave to God.

As with the writing of my single Amazin’ Grace, I went to bed humming a melody and then awoke in the morning surprised to write the lyric in a half hour. The opening verse came in one flash.
“I could lie in your arms
on a snow bound afternoon
you’d sing songs to me and God
and make up pretty little tunes
I’d wipe away all your tears
and make you laugh at your lost career
Oh, Mommy, Mommy don’t”
It was then I realized I had the solution to the problem. Have the voice of the unborn pleading not for itself but for the life and happiness of his/her mother! The second verse rolled out in 10 minutes.
“I’d crawl into the cupboards
take out all the pots and pans
you’d shake your head, look upward
I peeled the labels off the cans
and the dinners and our lives
would be just one great big surprise
Oh, Mommy, Mommy don’t”
I wrote the music to bridge next day, but I already had the lyric.
“Sometimes a mistake becomes a gift
a life line thrown to where we drift
now don’t let go my hands, together we’ll float
Oh Mommy, Mommy don’t”
The last verse is perhaps the most powerful. I could not sing it without getting choked up.
“And you’ll never know the sorrow
that will call from an empty place
or wonder at the kid next door
cause I would have been that age
and the haunted hall won’t whisper
cause I’ll be running there to kiss ya
Oh, Mommy, Mommy don’t”
The pleading fade-out continues as an unresolved important moment. I tried writing more lyrics that might comfort the mother through adoption, but it fractured the song's power and focus. God willing, I’ll write a song for all the Rachels whom God still loves completely.

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  1. i am not sure a man can write about abortion adequately. it needs to be recognized that for many abortion may be what they perceive as their only choice. since men cannot become pregnant biologically i doubt that they can completely understand the power of what a woman goes through in making this choice. men have been writing women's bodies for a long time and often it is a tainted and even ignorant perspective.