Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes


Welcome to my first-ever Seven Quick Takes Friday posting!   I have to admit that it got off to a rocky start when I linked to a page of irregular verb tenses (hello homeschooler) instead of to Betty Beguiles.  But two more efforts and one strong coffee later, I’ve replaced “I shall have loved, you will have loved,” with a link to Hallie’s divine blog…which you will love.


I’m excited about the Behold conference, taking place next month in East Peoria, IL.  I’ll be participating in its Meet the Bloggers event, along with a whole constellation of stellar bloggers.  Danielle Bean, Jen Fulweiler, Hallie Lord, and Sister Helena Burns will be there, and Kate Wicker will be the keynote speaker. Just how psyched am I about attending this conference?  Words fail me!


Speaking of exciting things to come, I’m gearing up to launch the 40 for 12 Menu Plan this week.  Don’t know what it’s about?  Follow these three simple steps to participate:  (1)Check out the info in the sidebar on the right; (2) Click the “Follow” link for this blog; (3) Look for the 40 for 12 posts on Wednesday; (4) Print out your shopping list and meatless menu for the week.  That’s it!


I’ve been repeating it all week:  "I don’t need an iPhone, I don’t want an iPhone.  I don’t need an iPhone, I don’t want an iPhone.”  My son Vincent is a praiseworthy young man, the sort of kid who plans ahead.  Since he’ll be going to college in the fall and knows he’ll be needing a reliable connection to home base, he bought himself an iPhone .  Every now and then Vincent will come over to show me yet another amazing thing that that device of his could do. Both its star chart and its UPC finder gave me sea legs, and now my creaky old cell phone isn’t half the phone it used to be.  I love my cell, but oh you iPhone!


I presented my speech “The Catholics Are Coming” in a competition at my Toastmasters club.  The speech aimed to clear up a few misconceptions about “Catholic stuff” like holy water, annulments, and Papal infallibility.  I didn’t win a trophy, but after the contest I did have three people come over to tell me how much they’d learned.  Our club’s star speaker commented, “I spent seven years in Catholic school, and I never understood holy water until now.”  Maybe I should follow up “The Catholics Are Coming” with a series of mini-talks on “more Catholic stuff.”


It was the weirdest thing.  Gerard came downstairs to tell me that the noise from the washing machine was hurting his ears.  But since the washer wasn’t actually running, and since I myself didn’t hear anything, I thought that Gerard was just playing a little trick on the old gray mama mare.  That was before Helen and Dominic also remarked on the washer noise. Eventually we figured out that the washer was sending out a frequency that was audible to the younger kids, but which could not be heard by the teens and adults in the family.  Although I agree with Daria Sockey that February is Homeschool Desperation Month,  I must say that the washing machine incident made all of us want to crack the books to learn more about frequencies.  Gerard has even decided to make it the subject of his science fair project.  


Happy 200th birthday to Charles Dickens!  I first read Dickens when I was in seventh grade. My English class was assigned Great Expectations, and we’d muddled our way through only the first few chapters before our teacher decided that maybe, just maybe, we weren’t quite ready for Dickens.  I don’t know what made me pick up a copy of David Copperfield a couple of years later, but by then, I was ready for Dickens.  Since then I’ve read many of Dickens’ works, but David Copperfield remains my favorite.  Here’s a quote from Copperfield himself:

“Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do well; that whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself to completely; that in great aims and in small, I have always been thoroughly in earnest. I have never believed it possible that any natural or improved ability can claim immunity from the companionship of the steady, plain, hard-working qualities, and hope to gain its end.”                                                                                      -David Copperfield-

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  1. i will be definitely looking forward to the meal plan!